Web Components Can Improve Security

It’s been a very busy month: I presented twice at our internal technical conference, recruiting trips to a couple of universities, and we’re working hard to redesign our site to use web components and some other nifty features.

Every year at our internal training conference I try to present on one technical topic and one management topic. Here’s my technical presentation:

Did you know that using web components can lead to a more secure site, but that you have to be mindful of how you use them, or you don’t get the benefits?

I plan to publish my management presentation, as well as some new things I’ve learned this time recruiting on campuses, in the coming days.

Curiosity Installs the Root Kit

I’ve been reading Future Crimes and it is… sobering.  It details all sorts of documented cybercrime and makes some predictions on what kind of crimes we can expect to see more of.

I was perfectly primed to actually read the recent KnowBe4 newsletter when it popped into my inbox. It recaps how Comcast users were targeted with a double whammy that root-kitted their machines and stole their credit cards.

Where does it all start for the mark? Clicking on an interesting add. Read their newsletter for details.

Happy Holidays! 😉