Promoting a Top Responsibility

One of the top five most important things senior leadership do is decide who gets promoted.  There is no test, no ranking, no process that can take the place of deep knowledge of the individual and their strengths, weaknesses, and potential to determine their ability for a future role.

Mark Horstman, Things I Think I Think March 25, 2015

Face the Uneven Dozen

After a couple of months as a manager I had my feet under me enough to look forward to the annual review cycle. The department had raises tied to the review cycle. Deciding how to portion out raises is critical. My time as a developer had done little to prepare me for it.

I anticipated that at least some would always be unhappy. As I considered what I could measure in order to make the process credible and fair I feared that people would resent the measuring itself.

How could I make this looming decision?

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Having an Employee Performance Metrics Policy

About two years ago, pondering some of my new managerly duties, I wondered, “How do you rank employees?”

Every year I have to rank employees and make tough decisions: Should we extend that internship? Should we promote that developer? How will we distribute raises?

I can’t manage based on my gut. It’s not enough to feel good or icky about someone. What then are the alternatives?

Near the top of the list is metrics. Measure the output—somehow—and use that to decide this employee deserves a raise and this one needs a performance plan. The rest of this post is the document I use to introduce my employees to my position on measuring performance.

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