I’m too High to Write

I was going to write an article today, but I’m too high. In fact, this is my second day living out of a trailer at 9,000 feet while I attend an immersive, 6-day leadership training in the Uintah Mountains.

I’m spending about 10 hours a day in leadership training. In the evenings I meet back with my family at the trailer. They’re here, too.

My daughter, Emma, is old enough to attend her own week-long leadership camp. I won’t see her again until Friday.

The rest are wearing my wife out getting dirty or doing crafts. I’ll debrief my wife Sunday and tell you later if the family version of this training was a good idea.

You might think we’re learning about wood-craft and orienteering. Well, we’re in the woods. So there’s an element of that.

The majority of the content comes from respected thinkers in the business world like “Ken Blanchard (author of the One Minute Manager series of books), Stephen R. Covey (author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle-Centered Leadership), and Spencer Johnson (author of Who Moved My Cheese).”

For more details about the business content of these trainings see woodbadge.ws/employer.

I have to admit, my original motivation for signing up for this course was mostly to shut up the people that keep telling me that I just have to go.

Now, I’m glad I’m here. I was surprised to hear where the material comes from. I’m excited by the authors we’re hearing from and that I can include my family.

Quotpourri: Listening, Safety, and Leadership

From an SSCA Newsletter (and the linked to Desktop Coach article).

Active Listening

Listen with the absence of thought. Listen without a filter. Listen without inserting your own viewpoints, paradigm, personal experiences, or belief systems. Listen without feeling the need to provide an answer.

Build a Circle of Safety

[The] best organizations foster trust and cooperation because their leaders build what Sinek calls a Circle of Safety that separates the security inside the team from the challenges outside.

Lead Consciously

[Ask] yourself, “What is the goal of this meeting?”, “What is the outcome I am wanting?”, and “What is the leadership behavior I must engage in to invite this outcome?” Ask yourself which is more important: your actions as a leader or your team’s reactions to your actions?

I’m Sorry I Was Rude Today

You can have intellectual curiosity. You can relish inquiry. But I still think people don’t like being wrong. And as much as I dislike being wrong, I hate being in the wrong.

I snapped at a direct report today. It was in a tense voice, at a normal volume. It was one sentence long. Continue reading I’m Sorry I Was Rude Today

Read: Crucial Conversations

About time for me to read Crucial Conversations again.

If Leadership and Self Deception had a baby with ManagerTools.com it would be Crucial Conversations. The book takes an intensely personal view of leadership and combines it with an emphasis on observable behavior and concrete action. More good information in this book than you can absorb after only one reading.

I highly recommend the book. It is universally useful. If you ever talk to other people then you will eventually need the skills in this book.

Buffet’s ABCs of Corporate Decay

[The] ABCs of business decay… are arrogance, bureaucracy and complacency…. When these corporate cancers metastasize, even the strongest of companies can falter.

Warren Buffet in letter to stakeholders as reported in http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-02-28/buffett-says-next-ceo-must-fight-decay-complacency-at-berkshire