Successful Change Follows SEE FEEL CHANGE

In almost all successful change efforts the sequence of change is not “Analyze, Think, Change,” but rather, “See, Feel, Change.”

“You’re presented with evidence that makes you feel something. It might be a disturbing look at the problem, or a hopeful glimpse of the solution, or a sobering reflection of your current habits– but regardless, it’s something that hits you at the emotional level.”

Switch, Chip and Dan Heath, Chapter 5, 9m 23s.

Pretend you’re not afraid

“As he started out into the maze, Haw looked back to where he had come from and felt its comfort. He could feel himself being drawn back into familiar territory, even though he hadn’t found cheese there in some time. Haw became more anxious and wondered if he really wanted to go out into the maze.

“He wrote a saying on the wall ahead of him and stared at it for some time:

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Spencer Johnson, M. D. Who moved my cheese? Ch. 1, 33m 21s