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Here’s how the free summaries work: ReadItFor.Me has a library of hundreds of book summaries. I can pick one summary at a time to share for free at From time to time, I’ll change the free summary to correspond to recent blog posts from ManagerJS.

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I intend ManagerJS to provide free resources to web developers — particularly ones I meet while recruiting at universities. These recruiting trips are part of my ”day job.”

I will donate any profit from this website to the LDS Philanthropies Humanitarian Aid Fund. I also encourage you to donate to them, directly. For more details see my new page, I’m Not Making Money Here.

Malik on Charisma

Historically, charismatic leaders have almost always produced catastrophes — in every field. 

Charisma … is neither necessary nor desirable for true leadership or right management. 

Uncluttered Management Thinking: 46 Concepts for Masterful Management. Fredmund Malik. Campus Verlag, Frankfurt / New York. (C) 2011. pp 16-17.

This is going to be a good read. 

Read: Crucial Conversations

About time for me to read Crucial Conversations again.

If Leadership and Self Deception had a baby with it would be Crucial Conversations. The book takes an intensely personal view of leadership and combines it with an emphasis on observable behavior and concrete action. More good information in this book than you can absorb after only one reading.

I highly recommend the book. It is universally useful. If you ever talk to other people then you will eventually need the skills in this book.

Book Notes: Heroku Up and Running

Some time ago I read an early release of the O’reilly book Heroku Up and Running  by Neil Middleton. Here are my impressions and notes that struck me from the book for whatever reason.

The book is a nice overview of Heroku

It covers the history of Heroku, the Heroku philosophy, and gives many insights into how it all works and why it works that way.  The ebook is only $8 and available right now. I found it worth the money. The formal release was scheduled for October 2013. 

As a casual user of Heroku, this book helped fill in many blanks and give me a more solid footing for visiting the Heroku developer site. The hard-core documentation is left to that developer site.

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