Your Resume: JavaScript is Not an Also-Ran

Somewhere Java managers are reviewing resumes. One says to the other:

This guy doesn’t look strong enough technically to be a back-end engineer. But hey! I notice he lists html, css, and JavaScript on his resume. Send him to Tyler. He’d probably be a good Web Developer.

There is so much wrong with this. I’ll just talk about the part you need to pay attention to as a job applicant: the web standards trifecta.

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So Now I’m a Manager

Two years ago I made the change. My favorite boss had left the company. His boss left. There was a vacuum in management and they were interviewing to promote from within. I know that for many people the idea of going from writing software to managing people doesn’t sound like a promotion. I respect that.

I wondered if it would be a good fit. I was binge-listening to a management podcast called  Sometimes I would get through four casts in a day. (Thank you 2x playback!) So much of it made sense. Could I be making a bigger difference this way?

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The End?

You have come to the last post in this blog. I know it came all to soon but in the time it took you to read the many blog posts of this blog I’m sure ManagerJS has blogged some more.  If not, why not ask for more on a particular subject in the comments below? We promise to care, even if you say mean things.