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Another free book summary courtesy of ReadItFor.Me and ManagerJS.

Today’s summary from Disciplined Dreaming gets beyond the fool’s choice between following rules and being creative. It’s a fools choice because you really need to do both. I’ve seen many promising, ambitious web developers accidentally sabotage themselves by holding too tightly to one or the other.

I was struck by the sound advice from Disciplined Dreaming. A model for achieving breakout creativity without being branded a heretic and losing influence.

It’s Another Free Summary — It Won’t Last

Remember how the free summaries work: ReadItFor.Me has a library of hundreds of book summaries. I share one at a time for free at If you take too long to follow the link, I’ll have changed it to the next free summary. Contact me if you really want an old summary and I might work out a free coaching account with you to give you access to custom summaries.

No Profit For Me

ManagerJS provides free resources to web developers. The only way I could share free ReadItFor.Me summaries with you was to join their affiliate program. I  donate any profit to the LDS Philanthropies Humanitarian Aid Fund.

For details see I’m Not Making Money Here.

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