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ManagerJS now offers free book summaries courtesy of ReadItFor.Me!

Read Faster TODAY!

Today’s summary teaches how to read faster.

Every professional should be interested in reading faster. Every day you get dozens to hundreds of emails. Every week the industry publishes new articles that you need to know about. Reading faster means more time to code, and a better informed coder. So check out the free summary.

More About Free Summaries

Here’s how the free summaries work: ReadItFor.Me has a library of hundreds of book summaries. I can pick one summary at a time to share for free at From time to time, I’ll change the free summary to correspond to recent blog posts from ManagerJS.

No Profit For Me

Because the only way I could share free ReadItFor.Me summaries with you was to join their affiliate program, there is a chance that this website will generate revenue. This is the first time that ManagerJS has had a potential for generating income.


I intend ManagerJS to provide free resources to web developers — particularly ones I meet while recruiting at universities. These recruiting trips are part of my ”day job.”

I will donate any profit from this website to the LDS Philanthropies Humanitarian Aid Fund. I also encourage you to donate to them, directly. For more details see my new page, I’m Not Making Money Here.

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